Production Line Management


In the production process of traditional manufacturing enterprises, most of the production mode is single-piece production mode. The 

biggest disadvantage of this production mode is that there is usually a large amount of semi-finished products in some bottleneck 

processes. If the process is repeated and there are many production links, this phenomenon will be more serious. These problems have

weakened managers' ability to predict, control and respond to production cycles and to meet increasingly difficult market demands for 

large orders with short lead times.


The emergence of RFID technology can effectively solve the above problems. Through the adoption of RFID technology, the system 

can automatically collect the production data and equipment state data, provide all processes of real-time data to database for 

management . In addition , it can provide on-line monitoring and analysis of production information according to the characteristics 

of the equipment in each process and related process parameters, quality indicators, the important link for each production process 

parameters and equipment operation parameters and so on. Those help enterprises to realize the automation and information 

integration of the semi-finished process, finished process measurement and warehousing access management in the production 

process, so as to achieve automatic and real-time tracking of production operations , which can effectively supervise the production 

positions, the stability of product quality and the implementation rate of process parameters.


1. Strong controllability. The range of data collection can be accurately planed;

2. The label content can be read and written, and can be reused to save costs;

3. Automatic means for information system to obtain real-time data can be provided;

4. Production process can be refined to improve production and management efficiency;

5. High real-time performance, safety and stability. Product quality traceability is achieved.

6. Avoid resources wasting. RFID tags with product information, compatible with the original equipment to avoid waste of resources.

7. Realize fine management. It can be applied to a series of requirements such as harsh production environment, unreachable 

    personnel, large data storage, high real-time data transmission and reliable and effective data transmission.

8. Convenient operation. Objects in the running state can also be collected information, and can identify multiple CARDS at the same 

    time, the operation is more convenient.

9. Automatic collection. No need to touch, the whole process without human intervention, can complete the automatic data collection 

    and is not easy to damage.