Food Supervision and Management


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention has been paid to food safety issues . RFID 

technology has also been applied to food safety tracking management and has received strong support from government departments. 

By the establishment of RFID traceability system for food safety management, we can effectively ensure the safety supervision of 

food while the food is in the circulation in the market, and promote the construction of food safety traceability system in China. 


RFID wireless radio frequency identification technology is applied to all aspects of food breeding, production, processing, 

transportation, wholesale, port inspection and retail, etc. RFID electronic tags, which contain information such as food testing, 

food growth, production, storage and transportation, are attached to the outer packaging of food . We can trace the source 

information of food by electronic tag reader, which makes it more reassuring to purchase food. 


1.Record the relevant data information of meat origin, product item, type, grade, weight, price, etc. by electronic label;

2. Realize product traceability of meat products from breeding and slaughtering to processing and transportation;

3. Conduct identification, registration, supervision and prevention analysis of the animal food’s traceability information of the 

    procedures, including production, processing, transportation, circulation. 

4. When the unqualified food is found, it can be recalled immediately, which avoids or minimizes the harm to consumers’ 

    personal safety so that reduces the loss.