Fresh Food Distribution


China's cold chain logistics industry started late, compared with the developed countries of Europe, America and Japan , its overall 

level is underdeveloped . According to the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Cold Chain Logistics to Ensure Food 

Safety and Promoting Consumption Upgrade" issued by the State Council in April 2017, the document points out that it is necessary 

to build a cold chain infrastructure network and establish a cold chain logistics service system with "whole temperature control , 

sound standards , green and save and widely applied". The industry needs much support from policies, and is driven by multiple 

factors, such as industry, capital and technology. To ensure the delivery timelines of fresh product express delivery and its product 

quality, the priority shall be given to fresh product express delivery among the delivery of similar products. 


To apply RFID technology to the circulation of fresh products, you only need to attach RFID tags or one-dimensional and 

two-dimensional barcodes to the trays or boxes containing meat. By doing so, you can get real-time information of warehouses, 

transportation vehicles and product status, etc. 


1. Pre-set the optimal routes for the drivers, and deliver the meat products to the designated stores while they are still in the 

    freshest state;

2. GPS positioning makes it possible to conduct real-time monitoring of transport vehicles, facilitating the management 

    departments to supervise through back-end systems;

3. When the goods are handed over, the person in charge of the store can simply read the RFID electronic labels or the 

    one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes on the packaging boxes or trays by handheld machines to confirm the goods 

    information and complete the receipt;

4. The sign-off information is uploaded to the background information system, and the latest status of the meat products on 

    trays can be updated in time.