Feeding Management


Nowadays, in the world, there are many large animal husbandry farms which raise various animals, and they need to be managed by 

high-tech modern methods. The livestock animals have been tagged with RFID labels, which are usually in the form of ear tag or foot 

ring attached to their body as their individual identity signs, since their birth in order to facilitate the daily management of the 

livestock by the farmers. 


The unique ID of the tag is read by RFID and the data is updated during the breeding process. The breeder can continuously set, 

collect, add, update, and store the relevant information during the growth of the animals by scanning their tags and uploading the 

data to the platform’s database. At the same time, the electronic tracking and processing of the sick animals, their diagnosis, the 

death and harmless treatment in the farm is carried out. 


1. The efficiency of animal information recording is improved and the error rate is reduced;

2. The data storage space is large with long storage period, and the historical data can be checked at any time, which is convenient 

    and quick;

3. While transporting, bringing and exchanging animal with third parties and conducting other activities about animal, the relevant 

    information of the animal can be found by scanning its electronic tag, which facilitates the monitoring by animal breeders and 

    third-party management;

4. Animal information is included in the information management system, which is conducive to the unified and efficient digital 

    management of animals.