Electric Meter Reading


With the rapid development of the economy, the power industry's capacity is getting expanded, and its equipment automation is 

getting higher . Our management of equipment is subjected to more detailed requirements in production, safety and quality. 

Enterprise information systems, such as ERP and EAM , have no sufficient device status information for data support. That results

in the lack of historical operational data while conducting equipment maintenance, and the problems, such as faulty repairs or lack 

of maintenance, which may seriously impact production.


The electric meter reading system is designed specifically for the industry's meter reading. With RFID technology and low-power 

wireless communication technology, the automatic reading and monitoring of trade settlement meters is realized. With intelligent 

and convenient and quick software , the system can be installed easily without wiring, which greatly reduces the cost. At the same 

time , it solves the problems caused by home-based meter reading, such as disturbing the residents, delayed data reporting, and 



1. Automated meter reading, humanized management, and networked charges;

2. With fully automated, networked meter reading system, you can get your work done without going into the doors, and with the 

    workload reduced;

3. The terminal meter with ultra-low power consumption and without built-in battery, it can work for more than one year with the 

    user's battery;

4. A variety of meter reading methods perfectly dock with each other (such as: automated network, handheld, mobile);

5. Support a variety of settlement and charging methods: pre-payment, pay by order, collection by banks or property companies;

6. The terminal meter is highly efficient in meter reading, and the meters are fully monitored, and the rate of the prepaid meter can 

    be adjusted at any time;