Intelligent Inspection


With the rapid development of the economy, the power industry has expanded its production capacity, diversified its equipment, and 

increased its automation. But in China , the methods of manual inspection and manual recording on paper are still widely used. Those 

methods have their defects , such as human factors and natural factors which restrain the implement, high management costs, the lack 

of supervision of inspection personnel, and low informationization of inspection data. 


With RFID technology, automatic identification management for various types of equipment (materials) in different states can be 

realized , data can be automatically collected so that human error is eliminated, and the seamless docking with the information 

management system is realized. The inspection of power equipment ensures that the power equipment runs in safe state, improves 

the reliability of the power equipment, and reduces the failure rate of power equipment. 


1. No need to install any equipment on the inspection equipment and power equipment, which significantly reduces the procurement 

    and maintenance costs of the system;

2. Ensure the inspection quality for the inspection personnel effectively , improve the safety and reliability of the power equipment, 

    and eliminate potential safety hazards;

3. With wireless network and RFID technology, the information management of power equipment inspection is realized;

4. With the summary and analysis of the inspection system data , the hidden troubles in the power equipment lines can be discovered 

    in time.