Logistics Management


In the era of electronic commerce, the world’s logistics industry has met new development trend. However, traditional logistics only 

emphasizes the improvement of the transportation vehicles’speed, but ignores some problems in the logistics industry, such as 

low-level informationization and low automation of logistics facilities. That results in the scattered goods information, low sorting 

efficiency , and long transmission, even has the express delivery turned to "slow delivery". The rapid growth of e-commerce and the 

demand of the industry have promoted the continuous improvement of the requirements to the warehousing logistics distribution

 industry . Third-party companies are also playing an increasingly important role in the market, and can even assist merchants in a 

wide range of services on the terminal and channel side. Logistics companies provide more and more value-added services, such as 

warehousing, distribution facilities, maintenance services, electronic tracking. 


By introducing RFID technology into the logistics management, and integrating the procedures through the logistics PDA, such as 

receiving, sorting, distributing, dispatching, we can realize intelligent work and management. The RFID device collects key data 

such as time points and person in charge in each procedure in real time and gathers them into a unified information platform. The 

administrators can check and manage the information on the background, and support the users to check logistics tracking 

information, which is efficient and convenient, not only significantly improves logistics operation efficiency and reduces logistics 

costs, but also helps in improving user experience for higher satisfaction. 


1. High degree of informationization, complete entry of order information, and convenient inquiry;

2. One-click scanning, reducing the error rate, effectively reducing the information lag in the delivery process, and the poor accuracy 

    by manual entry of a large number of orders;

3. Provide real-time logistics tracking information query, signing after receiving,quick and convenient return and exchange 

    processing, effectively improve customer satisfaction and corporate image;

4. Real-time tracking of logistics information, standardize business processes, improve work efficiency and management efficiency;

5. Establish a more complete logistics distribution network system, and comprehensively improve the corporate image and service