Product Lifecycle Management


In the process of establishing and continuously improving the quality system, consumer electronics manufacturers adopt RFID 

solutions of embedding SMD products, that is, RFID electronic tags embedding in PCB circuit boards. The purpose is not only 

to track the use process of products, but also to record information in the whole life cycle of products. Tags follow the whole 

process of product production, assembly, storage, transportation, sales, after-sales service and scrapping or recycling. Due to the 

characteristics of large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non-counterfeiting, and concurrent identification, electronic tags 

can be used for data collection and data modification through RFID reading and writing equipment to achieve monitoring in all 

links, realizing data traceability and life cycle management of products.

Application Characteristic:

RFID tag embedded SMD patch design, simplify label installation steps;

RFID tags embedded in the PCB board, ensuring it’s with anti-dismantling and high stability, reliability;

High confidentiality, with a unique identifier is not easy to copy;

Remote and fast identification;

Data can be written or modified;

RFID tags follow the whole cycle from production to scrap or recovery to realize the whole life cycle data information management.


1.Automatic production and assembly process, real-time data

In the process of production and assembly, embedded RFID electronic tag information is read by RFID reader. Then the electronic tag 

data is compared with the system data, production and assembly of designated production is proceeded according to the system 

requirements, so that the production assembly, modularization and standardization is realized, production and assembly is proceeded 

orderly, which ensure effectively monitoring and management of the intermediate links of raw materials, semi-finished products and 

finished goods inventory.

2.Transparent Brand Protection

Each product is embedded with an RFID electronic tag with a unique global ID number. After digitizing product information such as 

product name, product specification, manufacturer and production date, it is stored in the electronic tag chip and bound with the tag 

ID number and product information. RFID electronic tags follow the life of the product. The tag information can be quickly read by 

RFID handheld or reader and can be sent to the background server for processing through the built-in wireless communication 

module, so that the electronic tag anti-counterfeiting authentication and information security confirmation is completed. RFID system 

play an important role of anti-confusion and anti-counterfeiting of products in the sales. 

3.Sales, warranty, maintenance, tracking visualization

The management of cross-selling goods is an important part of channel management. The traceability of sales management through 

the information stored in RFID electronic tags can effectively prevent this problem.There is a certain service life in consumer 

electronic products, but this detail is easy to be ignored when the product is not damaged in the process of use. The information of 

product needing to be replaced is gotten only when the product is invalid, resulting in the loss of time and benefits.When using RFID 

products for management, each product warranty, maintenance, tracking visualization can be realized. During routine inspections, the 

product warranty period, expire, scheduled maintenance information can be quickly identified by maintenance person, who only need 

to scan on the outside of the product by the tag reader. This largely saves the time of workers, and reduce product maintenance and 

management work.