Warehouse management


Modern warehouse storage is not only to complete the simple registration of goods in and out of the processing, but also to make a 

database record about the types of goods in the warehouse, quantity specifications, time and other information, to ensure accurate 

goods data and supply chain information can be obtained in each process of the logistics link. RFID electronic tag warehouse 

management system is undoubtedly the best solution. With the software of the data center, the specific storage location of each item 

can be accurately located, the quantity/specification of goods can be accurately counted, and the warehousing and outgoing process 

of each item can be precisely managed.


RFID electronic tag technology, combined with ERP visual database software, forms a set of full range of visual tracking system from 

warehouse entry,warehouse transfer, inventory to the warehouse entrance, which is the perfectly replacement of the traditional manual 

collection of goods information, statistics and query process. It’s not only convenient and efficient, but also accurate, which not only 

reduce warehouse management costs, but also speed up warehouse turnover, optimize allocation and management of warehousing 


The system is divided into two parts: central ERP barcode data management and mobile client management. Among in, the main 

functions of barcode warehouse management system include accurate goods management, accurate positioning of goods storage 

location, speed up the transfer of goods, put an end to the loss of goods or property loss caused by human factors. 


1. Replacing barcode with RFID tags to identify goods can effectively complete automatic warehouse management and realize 

    automatic collection of goods information, automatic processing and information reporting;

2. Realized the real-time management of products and goods positions in the warehouse, which can improve the warehousing 

    efficiency, reduce the work intensity of workers in the process of warehousing and reduce the error probability;

3. Realize the unified management of "goods - goods position - personnel - tasks", and effectively  guide operators to complete 

    the assigned tasks;

4. It can reduce 20-30% labor cost, realize 99% visualization of warehouse products, and reduce the risk of missing products;

5. Warehousing and logistics management is more systematic to reduce the cost of warehousing and logistics.